The story of car insurance

If you own and drive a car, you must deal with a car insurance company. But have you ever wondered where and how the concept of auto insurance began and how it had evolved into the system we have today? If this topic pique your curiosity, here's to you a brief history of the automobile, from its inception to today.

The concept of car insurance would have been born in the year 3000 BC in China. Of course, the cars were not yet invented at that time, but the Chinese merchants took care of maritime trade. To limit the loss of goods due to shipwreck or piracy, they invented ways to protect their precious cargo. They could, for example, distributing their goods in several ships. Thus, when a ship encountered a fatal destiny, the rest of the merchandise was safe. Other civilizations followed the example of the Chinese invented and insurance policies to protect their boats. Marine insurance still exists today and is an effective defense.

When the automobile was invented in the late 19th century, the concept of insurance existing adapted to this new mode of transportation. It was soon demonstrated that a car represents some risk to the driver, either economically, or injury. Since not all motorists had enough money to deal with these risks, motor insurance has emerged as a simple way to protect themselves in case of accident, theft or vandalism. It gradually became mandatory for every motorist, driving is a privilege not a right. Initially, the insurance policies were the same for all, and the rates were not negotiable. However, over time, many insurance companies have emerged. By being competitive, they have created insurance policies that can adapt to varying needs and budgets.

Today, in Canada, auto insurance is compulsory for all motorists. However, insurance policies and the minimum protection required will vary depending on the province where you are. In Quebec, the minimum amount of insurance is $ 50 000. Injuries and the injuries and damage inflicted outside the province are covered by the insurance company automobile du Qu├ębec. This is a public insurance plan. As for damage, they are covered by private insurance companies, the choice of the driver. Despite the requirement to be insured for liability, that is to say against the damage caused to others, protection against damage to his own vehicle is optional. The cost of payments that the motorist must take depends on several factors. Typically, a driver is more likely to have an accident, his insurance will cost more expensive.

It goes without saying that in the future, the Montreal auto insurance companies continue to innovate by offering a wider choice of coverage tailored to their customers, to better serve and protect.