Tips for reducing car insurance premium?

. Some seem obvious but are not always used. On the other hand, are more subtle. We will see in this article the various options available to consumers today.

First, the mileage that you made is reflected in the price of your auto insurance. The less you drive, the less you pay! Most car insurance companies in Quebec worthy of the name offer discounts to customers who drive little and using public transport or cycling, for example for journeys between home and the workplace. In the same vein, it is strongly recommended to avoid, where possible, to use your car for trips that are professional. Indeed, to calculate the amount you will pay for your insurance premium, companies note if you use your vehicle for business purposes, in which case, you will face a surcharge.

In addition, you can lower your car insurance premium consistently (average of fifteen to ten percent) if you choose to increase your deductible from a few tens of euros. However, this is a gamble and you must be sure of your calculations as an accident where you would be responsible, the share of damage you will take charge will of course be higher.

Then, it is perhaps interesting to note that properly can also drive down insurance premium. If you drive without an accident, your contribution will inevitably decline each year through the bonus-malus, until we reach the lowest possible is 0.5.

It is important to note the same as if you decide to ride in a car rather than the last small meteor-out of money, your premium will be lower. Indeed, the vehicle razzle-l'oeil are much more prone to vandalism and theft and auto insurance companies are well aware. Moreover, remember that if you have a vehicle that is equipped with an anti-theft system, you can ask your insurance company to lower your insurance premium.

Finally, the phase information prior to purchase insurance, and even after signing the contract, is essential to save money. Indeed, before the subscription, it is imperative to learn about different companies and to take into account all the parameters in order to choose the offer that best suits your situation. For example, many companies offer discounts for customers who already have a contract with them, in order to benefit the customer benefits because of his loyalty. Thereafter, even if you already have a contract, continue to prospect for competitors to observe changes in offerings.