Auto insurance in France

In France, all drivers must have automobile insurance law. This replaces the driver responsible for an accident to compensate the harm done to victims or material damage caused to the vehicle involved in the accident. This article will help you understand auto insurance and guarantees that make it up.

In France, automobile insurance is mandatory. Indeed, the law requires every owner of a vehicle to take out liability insurance. This subscription is required even if your car is still parked at all times, it is clear that even a car stored in a garage can cause injury, fire, for example.

Be aware that the insurance obligation is an obligation to ensure, not to ensure that an insurer may deny an insured's guarantee. In case of refusal on the part of insurers, you must enter the office common charging (BCT). The latter comes from the insurer you choose to force it to give you the minimum required insurance, civil liability.

To purchase an auto insurance policy, it is possible to simultaneously address several insurance companies, banks, brokers or on the net in order to compare before making his choice.

The contents of the insurance contract consists of two distinct elements. On the one hand, the general conditions that are common to all policyholders of the same insurance company, other special conditions specific to the subscriber, they must indicate the characteristics of the vehicle, driver, guarantees, the amount premium, etc..

The only mandatory coverage for car insurance is the liability coverage, also called security to third parties. But insurance companies offer other forms of contract guarantees more extensive, then it is the insurance "all risks". Be careful though the term "all risks" you may not be insured against all risks (fire, theft, etc). Every insurance contract contains exclusions, it is best to carefully review the terms of the contract.

To determine auto insurance premiums, insurers are based on different criteria: the profile of the driver (age, experience rating, background), the use and characteristics of the vehicle (the model, the cost of replacement and repair ). The level of cover strongly influence the cost of auto insurance, you have to define as accurately as possible your needs.

Information related to vehicle model, age, repair costs and vehicle use are also essential elements of the calculation of the premium.

Whether for personal injury or property damage, compensation depends mainly of cover, good fact-finding (finding, and the minutes of the authorities), and level of responsibility in the accident.