What to know about the accident report

1 - When and why use it?

This official document that is the accident report should be used in all cases of accidents, even if you do not see the presence of others or injured. The usefulness of the findings is:

- Know all the responsibilities to determine the impact on the rate of bonus.
- Accelerate time to resolution
- Accurate information and synthetically its insurer on the conditions of the accident

To ensure that your case be as soon as possible, it is necessary to complete the accident report rigorously.

2 - How to behave in case of accident

- Before leaving the vehicle, put his vest Reflective tape to be better seen by other users
- Secure the area to prevent any accident by turning on hazard lights, placing a pre-warning triangle at least 30 meters from the vehicle and identifying the road.
- Warn or to notify law enforcement if there would be injured (17), serious injuries (15.18 or 112 from mobile).
- Enter the details of any witnesses.